If you’ve done this before, you’ll notice that the guidelines are pretty standard across the industry. If you’re ordering print products for the first time, don’t freak out. We’ll explain the process as plainly as possible to help you get your file ready.

Color – Always CMYK

What the hell is CMYK? It’s an acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and K=Black. If you’ve ever bought ink for your home printer, you’ve seen these 4 colors working together.

A common error is submitting files in RBG color mode, which is used for digital publications such as websites. If you submitting your files in the wrong color mode, we will catch it during our quality check, but it may delay your production turnaround as your order is put on hold until we’ve heard back from you.

Resolution – 300 DPI/PPI

Another important acronym, Dots Per Inch or Pixels Per Inch. The number of dots per inch will determine whether or not the final piece turns out blurry or pixelated. 300 DPI is the correct setting to use for your print files.

Accepted File Formats

We try to accept as many file formats as possible, but we prefer JPEG or PDF.




AI, EPS, PDF – All fonts should be converted to outlines.

Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG file.

If you’re submitting a Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word file, it may take an additional day and file approval before your order is processed.

Bleeds and Trim

If you’re using one of our file templates, you’ll notice a bleed section, and cut line and a safe zone.


A .125 margin, in addition to the final file size, that makes it possible to trim without leaving a white space around the final piece.

When designing your file, make sure the background extends over the edge to have the design cover the entire piece. If your design has a border, make sure the border comes in at least .25 inches from the cut line.

Cut Line

Everything outside of this line will be trimmed off. Make sure that no important text, images or graphics are outside of the cutline.

Safe Zone

As it implies, this is the area where all of your important text and images must be.


Download the template for the size you’ll be ordering. Each template is already formatted to the correct size with bleed and guidelines.


If you have any question regarding file specifications, our templates, or other general questions, please give us a call at 305.328.9547 or email us at Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.